the smallest theater
Imagine the smallest real theater, which is so small that the creators called it a flea. Presented? So, the Bloch Theater is half as small.
The flea theater is an experimental zone. We decided to check how small the theater can be, so that it still remains a theater in the usual sense of the word. We have only 6 seats in the auditorium, a 1x1 meter stage, performances for half an hour without intermission, small cups in the buffet for two or three sips, but nevertheless there are all the main components of the theater: a wardrobe, a buffet, a foyer with photos of artists and awards, a restroom, and after the third call we don't have anyone we let them into the hall and begin the performance.
Festivals: "Territory", "Mask. plus", "Russian case", "Inspiration", "Rozovfest", ...

"the invention of the genre of the theatre performance
as a way to establish a dialogue with the audience
in the theater and beyond it"

Kirill Lyukevich: "One of the key things for me in the theater is the exchange of experience and dialogue. That's what we're going to do. We will talk about what the theatre is today, how it fits in with the environment, where to get topics, how to work in unusual conditions, how to create a world around the performance, what difficulties and, conversely, additional opportunities and advantages arise when working. In practice, we will do short tasks, tests to try to understand how to talk to the audience today."

Harms wedding

route of the old woman 2021
Part of the traditional performance for the cultural map of St. Petersburg-the promenade Route "Old Women"
The performance immerses the audience in the atmosphere of St. Petersburg Daniil Kharms