theatre director.

Since 2015 collaborated with various theaters in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg):
"Karlsson Haus" theater, "Alexandrinsky Theater", "BDT" theater, "Ceh" theater, "Saturday" theater, etc.

2022 creator and director of the
"smallest theater - flea" - Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The teacher of Russian State Institute of Performing Arts in a course of theatre directing and site-specific theatre.

2020 - Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (former name Saint-Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy)
Direction of Theater Director. Workshop of Professor S. Cherkassky.

In 2021 worked as an assistant director of Gian Marco Tosatti (Italy) at the summer theatre festival "Access Point"

2017 - directorial internship with V. Ryzhakov as an assistant director; at the "Alexandrinsky" Theater (St. Petersburg) at the play "Optimistic Tragedy. Farewell Ball"

2015 - St. Petersburg State University
Direction of Theater actor. Workshop of Professor A. Puzyrev

- director's laboratories;
- discussions and conferences about documentary,
website-specific, modern theater ("Mask plus", "Russian case", "Territory");
- a reading of modern plays;
- laboratory of V. Polunin (street theater, clowning);
- laboratory of Y. Tumina (artist's theater);
- and others .

Performance in the theater:
- "thumbelina trip" Flea Theater (St. Petersburg, 2022)
- "head" theater on liteyniy (St. Petersburg, 2022)
- "wolf" Flea Theater (St. Petersburg, 2022)
- "ufo" Alexandrinsky Theater (St. Petersburg, 2021)
- "tales of the Fool and the king" Karlsson haus Theater (St. Petersburg, 2021)
- "crime" Alexandrinsky Theater (St. Petersburg, 2021)
- "Stallone love cow" Saturday Theater (St. Petersburg, 2021)
- "4elovekvmaske" (St. Petersburg, Moscow 2020).
- "April" Theater Workshop (St. Petersburg, 2020)
- "cardboard" (St. Petersburg, 2018)
- "rabbit jam sation" (musical and theatrical project "Lev Nikolaevich" 2020)
- "Martyr" (Working as a Director – teacher with the students of the actors)
- "Happy days" (Theatre "Mute", St. Petersburg, 2017 )
- "hedgehog Tales" ( Theatre "Mute", St. Petersburg, 2017)
- "Overcoat" ( Theatre "Mute", St. Petersburg, 2016)
"Action without words No. 2" ( Theatre "Mute", 2015)
- "Eden" (Theatre "Mute", St. Petersburg, 2015)
- "Liebe dich" (Theatre "Mute", St. Petersburg, 2014)

Kirill Lukevich - winner of the "Breakthrough Prize" 2021, The "Dog Top 50", the Russia highest theater award Golden Mask 2021 for the play "4elovekvmaske" in the nomination best performance in an experiment.