thumbelina trip
Adult view of a children's fairy tale

(man in the mask)
"Vasya was here" - so what? And who is this Vasya? Why did he ruin the wall?
And these drawings, and this meaningless set of letters - do you want to say that there is some meaning behind them? History? A man? Why all this?
The witness performance "man in the mask" is a story about the world of graffiti, its inhabitants and laws. This is a walk along inconspicuous, non-fancy paths into the hidden life of the city. The story of immersion in another reality, and the main guide in it is the artist. Or a vandal? Will see.
A documentary performance based on the verbatim graffiti artist.
The performance is played as a promenade performance (site -specific).
- The performance is the winner of the Breakthrough Prize 2021 for creating an alternative genius of the place.
- The performance is the winner of the Russian National Theater Award "Golden Mask" 2021 in the nomination best performance experiment.
This is a mystical story in which three friends sit in the kitchen looking for answers to the most important questions. And to understand everything helps them ... a human head found on the street.
Will the oracle-head explain the mysteries of life and death, the earthly and the god, chance and fate?

a fairy tale - a confession of a wolf about the search for his own happiness

tales of the jester and the king
Where monsters live, where evil spirits roam and where witches cook poison - the music of "The King and the Jester" calls us there. Let's gather together to mourn the death of the King – only the King does not recognize his death. Let's have fun with the Jester – that's just the Jester is no longer joking. And what about the Witch? Could it be that she is the true killer of the monarch?
Chilling stories, severed hands, dancing legs, sudden heads – from such ingredients we cooked a glorious horror musical. Let's rock, ladies and gentlemen.

Performance-exhibition based on the play by Ivan Vyrypaev
Aliens are one of the most unexplored and unexplained phenomena existing in the world. The exhibition will feature documentary items, pieces of archives, photographs, recordings of the sounds of space and other objects directly related to this topic. Also during the exhibition, guests will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the testimonies of eyewitnesses who had extraterrestrial contact.

Tsoi is alive! Ouch. Is my alive? Or yours? Maybe, well, him, and home?
Maybe home. Or maybe it's raining outside. Or maybe the theater, or maybe April, love, honor and truth - they are waiting somewhere. That's how they used to sing. And so they sing today in the courtyard of the theater "Ceh".
Come under this sky, dress according to the weather, dance and sing with us –
"We are the children who grew up on your songs; the children you didn't wait for."
The performance uses songs and poems by Viktor Tsoi.

CARDBOARD is a performance in which the material itself becomes the subject of research. The plot goes through all stages of production from the initial raw materials in the form of paper pulp to the final finished product, with subsequent disposal and transformation into the same paper pulp. The life of a Cardboard man as it is.